Roof Ventilation and Whirly Birds

Roof Ventilation Systems are an inexpensive way to make your home more energy efficient and further improve your comfort of living.

With many homes now having insulation installed, hot air becomes trapped within the ceiling space and temperatures can build up to over 60ºC throughout the summer months. In the colder months, damp air and moisture get trapped inside the ceiling space which can cause condensation, eventually creating mildew and mould on your ceilings.

CnF Roofing Specialist can advise you on the most suitable roof ventilation systems for your home and provide you with a free quote to supply and install products from a range of EDMONDS CSR Roof Ventilation Systems. With various types of ventilators and over 20 colours to choose from, CnF Roofing Specialist assures you we have the right solution for your ventilation requirements.

Benefits of Roof Ventilation and Whirly Birds:

  • Extract hot air from your roof space in summer
  • Expel damp air in winter which can cause condensation and mildew on your ceilings
  • Help your insulation work more effectively
  • Cost nothing to operate
  • Reduce air conditioning load and save on household energy use
  • Operate smoothly and silently
  • Bring natural ventilation to your whole home
  • Are inexpensive ways to further improve your home’s comfort
  • Have a malleable base and adjustable throat to suit most roof types to 45º
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • 15yr Warranty

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